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with personalized sound therapy
​Experience healing
It was developed through clinical trial research in the field of medicine and pharmaceuticals by the National Research Foundation of Korea (NRF), and it effectively induces stabilization and control of the balance of the autonomic nervous system with sound wave matching technology that maps individual heart rate (BPM) and electrocardiogram waveform.
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​healing bit

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My own vitamin,
stress manager
Healing Beat

Heart rate and electrocardiogram waveform based sedation induction solution
to relieve stress, improve sleep quality and focus
We provide healing beat solutions that help improve

​Learn how to measure your heart rate


Step 1

​Prepare the watch


Step 2

in a comfortable position


Step 3

right middle finger and
​Apply index finger


Step 4

Place the index and middle finger just below the wrist on the thumb side of the opposite arm and gently
Pulse after pressing
I feel it


Step 5

How many pulses in 1 minute
measure how much you run

​Unlock the Healing Journey

Wearable Healing Beat app linkage with a single click

We present the best lifestyle by providing safe sound with customized soundwave sensing source technology

The Healing Beat App can be linked with wearable devices to provide solutions in real time.

You can check your own health data by measuring your heart rate, health index, and stress.

stress beats, sleep beats, concentration beats, exercise beats,
Healing beat can be used according to the situation as an alarm beat

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